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How to recover deleted tablespace?

Sometimes, MySQL tablespace file(s) might be deleted by mistake, e.g. delete the shared tablespace (ibdata1) or an individual tablespace (table_name.ibd).

In this post I will show you how to recover those files (on Linux OS) having only one condition, MySQL service should still be running. If MySQL service stopped after deleting that file, this method will not work, so it is extremely important to act as quick as possible to avoid data loss.

The following is a simple table creation (innodb_file_per_table is enabled) and the records count inside that table:

Things you should consider before using GTID

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Global Transaction ID (GTID) is one of the major features that were introduced in MySQL 5.6 which provides a lot of benefits.

Galera Cluster and XA Transactions

A few weeks ago, we received an interesting Galera Cluster support case from one of our customers that the application is not working well and they face a lot of troubles in their Galera Cluster setup.

After some investigations, we found a lot of insert queries in state "query end" and lasting for long time without being completed. Also some other queries which were sleeping for long time having the info of "XA COMMIT":

GTID Replication talk at Percona Live London 2014

Percona Live London, November 3-4, 2014

Global Transaction ID (GTID) is a new feature coming with MySQL 5.6 which introduced a new MySQL replication method called Transaction-based Replication that is depend on GTID.

How to install multiple MySQL instances on a single host using MyEnv?

We have been asked several times by MySQL users about how to install multiple MySQL instances on a single host.
Typically, this is required when testing different MySQL versions or MySQL servers (MySQL server, Percona server and MariaDB server) while no available resources are available.
Sometimes, it is even required to install multiple MySQL instances on a single production server.

Galera Cluster VS PXC VS MariaDB Galera Cluster - Benchmarking

It is not clear for many MySQL users that Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) and MariaDB Galera Cluster depend on the same Galera library i.e used in Galera Cluster for MySQL which is provided by Codership team:

Replication Troubleshooting - Classic VS GTID

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In previous posts, I was talking about how to set up MySQL replication, Classic Replication (based on binary logs information) and Transaction-based Replication (based on GTID).

How to Setup MySQL Master/Slave Replication ?

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It's not usual to find an easy source on how to setup MySQL replication, I thought it might be useful at least for the beginners to write a direct and simple howto blog on setting up Master/Slave replication in MySQL using the classic method (binary log information). Check out my post GTID In Action for information about transaction-based replication using GTID.

Before going through the replication setup steps, I think it's better to explain first how Replication works in MySQL.

Setting the right GCache size in Galera Cluster

One of our customers had a question related to the right value of Galera Cache size (gcache.size) in Galera Cluster for MySQL which I would like to share with you.

The question was: My maintenance window takes 4 hours for my 5TB DB. How can I avoid an SST ?!

Impact of General Query Log on MySQL Performance

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... The question is, does enabling the general query log affects the MySQL performance ?
Also, it is possible to record the output of this log into either file or table in the mysql database (mysql.general_log), what is the performance impact of each one?

Let's do some simple benchmark for those scenarios to measure the actual impact on the mysql performance.

Online DDL vs pt-online-schema-change

One of the most expensive database operations is performing Data Definition Language (DDL, e.g. CREATE, DROP, ALTER, etc.) statements, specially, the ALTER statements because MySQL blocks the entire table for both reads and writes while modifying the table.

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