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Select Hello World FromDual with MariaDB PL/SQL

MariaDB 10.3 was released GA a few weeks ago. One of the features which interests me most is the MariaDB Oracle PL/SQL compatibility mode.

So its time to try it out now...

MariaDB at FromDual

FromDual as a neutral and vendor independent database service company also provides various services for the MariaDB database.


MySQL sys Schema in MariaDB 10.2

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MySQL has introduced the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA (P_S) in MySQL 5.5 and made it really usable in MySQL 5.6 and added some enhancements in MySQL 5.7 and 8.0.

MariaDB 10.2 New Features - Slides available

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The Chemnitz Linux Days 2018 in Chemnitz (Germany) 10/11 March 2018 are over for more than a week now and IMHO it was a huge success.

I was following many very interesting talks, met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot!

First Docker steps with MySQL and MariaDB

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The Docker version of the distributions are often quite old. On Ubuntu 16.04 for example:

shell> docker --version 
Docker version 1.13.1, build 092cba3

But the current docker version is 17.09.0-ce (2017-09-26). It seems like they have switched from the old version schema x.y.z to the new year.month.version version schema in February/March 2017.

MariaDB master/master GTID based replication with keepalived VIP

Important: FromDual does NOT recommend to use an automated VIP failover technology as described below for a MariaDB/MySQL Master/Master Replication. In such a topology we recommend a manual VIP failover with prepared scripts!

Some of our customers still want to have old-style MariaDB Master/Master Replication Clusters. Time goes by, new technologies appear but some old stuff still remains.

Non-standard database set up with SELinux

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What is SELinux?

The Security-Enhanced Linux is an extension to the Linux Kernel, made by the NSA (National Security Agency). It implements Mandatory Access Controls (MAC), which allow an administrator to define, how applications and users can access resources on a system.

MySQL and MariaDB variables inflation

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MySQL is well known and widely spread because of its philosophy of Keep it Simple (KISS).

We recently had the discussion that with newer releases also MySQL and MariaDB relational databases becomes more and more complicated.

New Features in MySQL and MariaDB

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As you probably know MySQL is an Open Source product licensed under the GPL v2. The GPL grants you the right to not just read and understand the code of the product but also to use, modify AND redistribute the code as long as you follow the GPL rules.

How to Install MySQL Enterprise Server 5.7 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

If you have already Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7) or CentOS 7 in use you probably found out, that it is not that easy to install MySQL Enterprise Server because there are already pre-installed MariaDB 5.5 libraries:

FromDual Schulung MySQL und SQL für Einsteiger

FromDual bietet zusammen mit der GFU Cyrus GmbH in Köln vom 17. - 21. Oktober 2016 eine MySQL und SQL Schulung für Einsteiger an.

Anmelden können Sie sich unter Schulungstermine für MySQL und MariaDB.

Differences between MySQL and MariaDB

  • max_user_connections Can be changed online in MySQL. Cannot be changed in MariaDB if value was set to 0.
  • PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA is enabled in MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 by default. In MariaDB disabled by default.
  • Replication incompatibilities from MariaDB (Master) to MySQL (Slave)
  • MariaDB 10.2.0 still contains XtraDB 5.6. So MySQL 5.7 features cannot be used.
  • MariaDB 10.2 Window Functions are missing in MySQL 5.7
  • SHOW PROCESSLIST has additional column Progress in MariaDB.

MySQL und MariaDB Entwickler Schulung

Sie sind bereits Datenbank Applikations-Entwickler oder auf dem Weg dorthin. Nun wollen Sie mehr darüber erfahren, was MySQL und MariaDB alles an Funktionalität zu bieten hat, welche Sie anschliessend verwenden können um Ihre Anwendung noch besser zu machen, effizienter zu entwickeln und schneller auf dem Markt zu bringen.


MySQL and MariaDB developer training

You are already a database application developer or on the way there. Now you would like to learn more about, what MySQL and MariaDB features are available which you can use later to build even better applications, to develop more efficiently applications and shorten your time to market.


MariaDB und MySQL Schulungstermine

Wir bieten unsere MariaDB und MySQL Schulungen zusammen mit renommierten Schulungsunternehmen an: Dem Linuxhotel in Essen, der Heinlein Akademie in Berlin und GFU Cyrus AG in Köln.


MySQL and MariaDB training class schedule

We offer our MySQL and MariaDB trainings together with well-respected training organizations: The Linuxhotel in Essen (Germany), the Heinlein Academy in Berlin (Germany) and GFU Cyrus AG in Cologne (Germany).


MySQL, Galera Cluster und MariaDB Schulungsmodule

FromDual bietet verschiedene MySQL, Galera Cluster und MariaDB Schulungsmodule an. Unsere Schulungstermine finde sie unter MySQL und MariaDB Schulungstermine.

SQL für Einsteiger (3 Tage)

Diese Schulung ist für all diejenigen, welche die Grundlagen der Sprache SQL erlernen wollen. Zukünftige DBAs, Datenbank-Entwickler und Daten-Analysten.


MySQL, Galera Cluster and MariaDB training modules

FromDual offers different MySQL, Galera Cluster and MariaDB training modules. For training dates see our MySQL and MariaDB training class schedule.

SQL for Beginners (3 days)

This training is made for all who want to learn the basics of the SQL language. Future DBAs, database developers and data analysts.


MySQL und MariaDB Schulung 2015/2016

MySQL und MariaDB für Fortgeschrittene vom 23. bis 27. November 2015 in Berlin

Da unsere MySQL/MariaDB Schulung Anfangs Dezember in Berlin bereits ausgebucht ist, haben wir einen weiteren Termin für den 23. bis 27. November 2015 festgelegt.

Wenn Sie also sich oder ihr Team für 2016 in MySQL fit machen wollen, bietet sich Ihnen hiermit eine ideale Gelegenheit.

Folgenden Kursinhalt bieten wir an: MySQL für Fortgeschrittene

Galera Cluster für MySQL/MariaDB Schulung

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Galera Cluster ist DIE synchrone Hochverfügbarkeitslösung für MySQL und MariaDB. Immer mehr MySQL-Administratoren und -Entwickler sind daher bestrebt, sich auch in diesem Umfeld Wissen anzueignen.

Mit der Galera Cluster für MySQL/MariaDB Schulung geht FromDual auf diese Bedürfnisse ein.

FromDual mit Neuem zu MySQL und MariaDB

MySQL/MariaDB Schulungstermine

Im Herbst 2015 bieten wir wieder viele interessante und spannende MySQL/MariaDB Kurse an.

Falls Sie Interesse haben, an diesen Schulungen teilzunehmen, bitten wir Sie, Sich schnell anzumelden, um Sich Ihren Platz zu sichern. Es sind nur noch wenige Plätze frei.

Folgende Kurse finden im Herbst statt:

Download Performance Monitor

FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL and MariaDB including MaaS

The FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL, Galera Cluster, MariaDB and Percona Server is a Monitoring solution based on Zabbix. Its various alerts, advisors and graphs help you to monitor and operate your MySQL databases. This solution is also available as Monitoring as a Service solution if you want to avoid the hassle of installing your own monitoring solution.


Migration from other databases to MySQL or MariaDB

Database migration tools

A generic database migration tool to MySQL and MariaDB is the MySQL Workbench.

An alternative is the old MySQL Migration Tool Kit.

Recommended by MariaDB Foundation: Sqlines.



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