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Remote-DBA Services for MariaDB and MySQL

Our remote-DBA services are as flexible as our customers are different. We care about your mandates if they are related to MariaDB, MySQL or Galera Cluster. We also can support you in the database surroundings (Linux, Load Balancer, High-Availability). You purchase a 10 hour Service package and you can use it on demand during one year.

How our customers use their FromDual remote-DBA services

Our customers use their FromDual remote-DBA services in many different ways:

  • A popular way using our services is to get support via email in case of troubles.
  • But mostly we connect in a video conference to discuss and solve problems together.
  • A first contact comprises often a system analysis and a database configuration check.
  • Our customers also like our expertise in performance troubleshooting, the analysis of resource consumption as well as in SQL query tuning.
  • Also in crash analysis and locking problems we can support you.
  • Other customers let us review their systems on a regular base and let us do maintenance work on the system (O/S) or the database (regular updates).
  • We also help our customers doing proof-of-concepts (PoC) for various different architectures.
  • Architecture and design discussions (Galera Cluster, Replication, High-Availability, Failover, Load Balancer, etc.) are better to be done on-site during a consulting session. On demand we can also do this remote in a video conference.
  • Our remote-DBAs train your new staff everything what is needed to ensure safe operations of your databases.
  • And we are assisting you as well in migrating into the or out of the Cloud (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, ...).

Some of our customers use our remote-DBA service on a more or less regular base:

  • Server (O/S) and Database upgrade (every 2 to 4 weeks).
  • System reviews (O/S, Database configuration, etc., once or twice a year).
  • SQL Query Tuning (4 to 12 times a year).
  • Failover Tests (every 2 to 4 weeks).
  • Restore Tests (once a month).

What you get

With our remote-DBA Service you get your regular DBA work done.

  • You can buy a certain amount of hours of DBA work to be performed: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500 hours or a certain amount of days per year.
  • According to your business needs your standard database operations work is done remotely by our DBA's. This includes for example:
    • Setup and installation of your MySQL database servers.
    • MySQL Upgrades.
    • Database migrations.
    • Move your services from one machine to an other.
    • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) of your data.
    • Query and report creation: Your reports deliver the data they should.
    • Query tuning: To get the best performance from your hardware.
    • Backup and Restore testing.
    • Load tests and benchmarking.
    • Configuration and configuration tuning.
    • Failover and other system testing.
  • This work has to be coordinated and agreed with the Remote-DBA team. It is typically announced in advance and performed during office hours.

Why this service is interesting for you

  • You get your MySQL DBA resources when you need it in the amount you need it.
  • You get MySQL specialists which are familiar with the matter.
  • You need a DBA on a regular base (for example one day per week).
  • You have to keep your personal expenses low.
  • You have a gap in your MySQL staff (because of vacation, parental leave, sickness or because they left your company).
  • You want to know your dedicated MySQL DBA's.
  • You need somebody to cover your night shifts and your staff is too small to do it themselves or is not allowed to do it because of legal restrictions.


If you are interested in our remote-DBA Services for MySQL please let us know and we get asap in contact with you!


You can download from here our: Remote-DBA Flyer.