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FromDual Ops Center for MariaDB and MySQL (focmm)

The FromDual Ops Center for MariaDB and MySQL (focmm) is a browser-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) to operate your MariaDB and MySQL database server farms more easily.

Important: For more details check our Ops Center User Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FromDual Ops Center License

FromDual Ops Center Costs

  • What are the Ops Center Costs?
  • FromDual Ops Center is free of costs for trial and non-commercial use. For commercial use the yearly fee depends on the amount of database instances you want to operate under FromDual Ops Center. Please ask FromDual for a quote.

Default user/password of focmm

  • What is the default user and password?
  • The default user and password are: admin / admin