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PrimeBase Technologies and FromDual form a Service-Cooperation for MySQL products

From the Cooperation of these two companies arises the biggest independent service provider for MySQL and MariaDB in Europe.

Hamburg, Uster -- February 28, 2011 - The Hamburg based PrimeBase Technologies and the near Zürich located FromDual are forming a Cooperation for MySQL products and services, starting March 1st, 2011.

This Cooperation enables both companies to offer a complete set of services for all MySQL and MariaDB customers.

The customers of both parties now have he possibility to demand a 24x7 support service from their provider.

Companies, which use MySQL, often do not have the capability to operate the product themselves, because they do not have sufficiently trained MySQL staff.

The Remote-DBA offer meets exactly this need: Customers then have the possibility to let their databases be operated by a MySQL specialist.

In addition, the set of services offers MySQL Health Checks on a regular basis or an Emergency intervention in case of an incident.

The whole package is built modularly and there is no obligation to pay license fees or to purchase service that one does not need.

About PrimeBase Technologies

PrimeBase Technologies is the maker of the well known, scalable and transactional MySQL Storage Engine PBXT as well as the Streaming Engine PBMS and offers Support Services for MySQL and MariaDB. PrimeBase Technologies, furthermore is MySQL Platinum Partner.

Its CTO Paul McCullagh is currently the only Oracle ACE Director for MySQL in Europe.

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About FromDual

FromDual is a global acting, neutral and vendor independent consulting company for MySQL and MariaDB with numerous customers from the Telecom, Media, Service, Internet and Industry sector. FromDual offers services and training for MySQL and its derivatives MariaDB, Percona Server and Drizzle. FromDual is an Oracle Silver Partner and Open Database Alliance (ODBA) Silver Partner.

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PrimeBase Technologies GmbH:, Phone +49 40 389 044 15

FromDual GmbH:, Phone +41 44 500 58 20