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2013-01-24 The MySQL SIG of DOAG invites you to join on February 27 at the Inside Hotel in Munich.
Topics of the SIG Event: MySQL Replication and new Features.
2012-09-10 The dates for the next MySQL Cluster (ndb) trainings with the Linux Hotel are scheduled now: March 11 - 12 2013 and September 23 - 24 2013.
You can book your training here.
2012-07-30 On Tuesday, September 4, 2012 the next DOAG SIG MySQL meeting will take place in Hamburg (Germany) with the topic Replication. Possible presentations are: MySQL Replication, Galera Cluster, Replication with Oracle GoldenGate, Replication with Zimory Scale and Tungsten Replicator.
The event will presumably be located at the Hotel Böttcherhof at Wöhlerstrasse 2.
2012-07-23 FromDual is having a talk at Frankfurter Datenbanktage 2013, March 14/15 fft_datenbanktage.jpg
2012-07-06 For an other year FromDual is Oracle Silver Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). OPN Silver Level
2012-07-04 FromDual has a new website layout... We hope you like it?
2012-04-03 FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL (MPM) v0.9 released Many bugs were fixed, items added, graphs reniced and cleaned-up... Download
2012-02-07 On March 13th 2012 the DOAG organizes a SIG MySQL - Performance meeting in Wiesbaden (Germany). We will have talks about MySQL configuration - the most important parameters and Indexing with MySQL. Come and join! DOAG
2012-01-23 Come to the FOSDEM 2012 and listen to our talks New Features in MySQL 5.6 and MySQL synchronous replication in practice with Galera in the MySQL and Friends Devroom. I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting
2012-01-09 FromDual launches its Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) solution for MySQL. The installation on customer side takes about 5 minutes. The Performance Monitor for MySQL can be downloaded from here. You can request a key from here. More information you can find here. MySQL Performance Monitor as a Service
2011-10-26 At the Developer Conference of Internet-Briefing / Where Web Pioneers meet on December 8th Oli Sennhauser of FromDual speaks about NoSQL for MySQL (in German). Internet Briefing
2011-10-06 We are speaking at Percona Live in London Oct. 24-25th 2011 about Various MySQL High Availability (HA) Solutions (in English). Percona Live MySQL Conference, London, Oct 24th and 25th, 2011
2011-09-02 At the DOAG Conference 2011 from November 15 to 17, we will have the talks MySQL Performance Tuning and MySQL Replication for Beginners (in German). DOAG
2011-08-25 At the UK Oracle User Group Conference 2011, from December 5th to 7th in Birmingham, we will have on Monday, December 5th our Talks MySQL Architectures for Oracle DBA's and Practical MySQL Tuning.
2011-06-18 At the /ch/open Workshop Days 2011, from September 13 to 15 which will happen this year at the ETH Zürich, we will have on Thursday, September 15 our Workshop MySQL High-Availability with an active/passive Failover-Cluster. All those who were last year in the wrong Workshop have this year the chance to visit the right one...
2011-06-18 On August 20 and 21 in St. Augustin (Germany) the FrOSCon 6 is taking place. We will be present with our talk about MySQL Performance Tuning (in German). If you would like to know how we do Performance Tuning with our customers, come an visit us! FrOSCON
2011-06-08 From August 15th to 17th we will have an Advanced MySQL Developer Workshop with Citrus in Helsinki (Finland). The workshop will be held in English. The workshop topics you can find here and the registration form is available here.
2011-05-05 On June 9th the DOAG organizes in Kassel (Germany) an other meeting of the SIG Development with the Topic: DB-Programming in a different way. Who missed our talk HandlerSocket and similar Technologies - NoSQL for MySQL (hold in German), has the chance to listen it again...
2011-05-05 On May 19th the DOAG organizes a meeting at the SIG Database MySQL in Hanover (Germany). Topics are:
  • HA Architectures with MySQL (hold in German)
  • Tips and Tricks for Running MySQL on RDS in the AWS Cloud
  • Cloud analysed!
  • MySQL Cluster - Ein Einstieg und Ausblick MySQL Cluster ist die Lösung für allerhöchste Verfügbarkeit und Skalierbarkeit.
  • MySQL Cluster Architecture
Come and visit us! We would be glad...
2011-03-22 We are at the Grazer Linuxtage 2011 on Saturday April 9th with our talk Handler-Socket and similar Technologies - NoSQL for MySQL (talk is held in German). Grazer Linuxtage 2011
2011-02-28 PrimeBase Technologies and FromDual form a Service-Cooperation for MySQL products - Press Release PrimeBase Technologies GmbH
2011-02-21 We are at the DOAG Regionaltreffen München on Wednesday March 23rd with our talk MySQL Replication - Scale-Out, Master-Master, Backup (talk is held in German). DOAG Regionaltreffen München
2011-01-14 Come to the FOSDEM and listen our talk HandlerSocket and similar technologies - NoSQL for MySQL in the MySQL Developers Room. I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting
2010-11-17 FromDual becomes SOUG member, the Swiss Oracle User Group. SOUG
2010-09-16 FromDual plans Advanced MySQL DBA Workshop
2010-09-07 FromDual becomes Oracle Silver Level Partner OPN Silver Level
2010-08-18 FromDual launches its database Performance Monitoring solution for MySQL / MariaDB. This solution provides monitoring capabilities for most MySQL Storage Engines (Aria, InnoDB, MyISAM, NDB, PBXT and XtraDB). Further you can monitor MySQL Master - Slave replication set-ups, UNIX processes (mysqld, ndbd) and MySQL/MariaDB specific information.
More details you can find on the page Performance Monitor for MySQL.
2010-08-02 At the OpenSQL Camp EU 2010 / FrOSCon 5, 2010 from August 21 - 22, we will have the presentation MySQL Performance Monitoring with Zabbix - An alternative to the MySQL Enterprise Monitor? (in German). FrOSCON
2010-07-29 At the DOAG Konferenz 2010 from November 16 - 18, we will have the presentation MySQL Architekturen für Oracle DBA's (in German). DOAG
2010-07-04 At the /ch/open Workshop-Days 2010 on September 9, we will have the workshop We build a MySQL Cluster (in German). /ch/open
2010-06-03 ODBA interview with FromDual about the MySQL/MariaDB future. Our opinion you can find here.
2010-04-26 FromDual becomes Open Database Alliance (ODBA) Silver Partner. More information you can find here... Open Source Database Alliance
2010-03-25 You can follow our presentation MySQL, where are you going? (presentation in German, slides in English) at the OpenExpo exhibition in Bern.
2010-03-02 You can find us where Web Pioneers meet at the Internet Briefing presentation Performance Tuning & Scale-Out mit MySQL (in German).