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MyEnv (MySQL/MariaDB BasEnv)

The MyEnv (MySQL/MariaDB BasEnv) is a solution to operate easily MySQL multi-instance set-ups or MySQL installations installed with binary tar-balls. No more problems with packages, easy upgrade, you have everything under control.


MyEnv für Multi-Datenbank Set-ups

Vor ein paar Wochen haben wir einem unserer Kunden unser MyEnv gezeigt. Er war sehr interessiert daran und hat uns geraten MyEnv einer breiten Öffentlichkeit bekannter zu machen. In Tat und Wahrheit ist das MyEnv bereits seit mehreren Jahren verfügbar und kann frei heruntergeladen werden...

MyEnv for MySQL Multi-Database set-ups

This week I showed one of my customers our MyEnv. He was very interested in it and suggested to make it known in public. In fact MyEnv is available for download already several years...

But I did not have the heart yet to announce it more publicly because it was not end user ready at all. So I used the weekend to make it nicer, consolidated some of the code, dropped old stuff etc. Now I think it is acceptable to use for public but not perfect.

MyEnv (MySQL BasEnv)

What is MyEnv?

MyEnv is a set of scripts to run comfortably multiple MySQL, Percona Server or MariaDB database instances on the same server. You can even run multiple database instances with different binary versions.

MyEnv is more comfortable than mysqld_multi and provides more functionality.

A large MySQL user (Alexa Ranking: Top 500 world-wide, top 20 in Germany) stated:

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