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Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for MariaDB and MySQL

If you do not feel at home on the command line, you may prefer to use a graphical user interface (GUI). These also have advantages, for example when displaying data or structures, or they can simplify and therefore speed up work processes.

There are two main types of graphical user interfaces: On the one hand, the Integrated Development Environments (IDE), and on the other hand, tools that support the administration of the database.

This list contains all known graphical user interfaces for MariaDB and MySQL:

NameO/SDistroLicenseAudienceother DBMSER- Diag.Client TypeMySQL SupportMariaDB SupportDownload
dbForge StudioLinux, macOS, WindowsDeb, Ubu, Fed, RHELProprietaryDev, Admin, Anal.xFatxxDownload
MySQL WorkbenchLinux, macOS, WindowsDeb, Ubu, RHEL. Fed, OLGPLv2, Prop.Dev, Admin, Arch, Anal.xFatx(x)Download
phpMyAdminLinuxDeb, Ubu, Mint, Fed, RHEL, CentOS, Rocky, Alma, Arch openSuSEOpenSourceUserWebxxDownload
NavicatLinux, macOS, WindowsDeb, Ubu, openSuSE, CentOS, FedoraProprietaryDev, AdminxFatxxDownload
Valentina StudioLinux, macOS, WindowsDeb, UbuProprietaryDevxFatxxDownload
DBeaverLinux, macOS, WindowsDeb, Ubu, Mint, Arch, RHELApache, Prop.DevxxFatxxDownload
BeeKeeper StudioLinux, macOS, WindowsDeb, Ubu, Fed, ArchGPLv3, ProprietaryDevxFatxxDownload
DataGripLinux, macOS, WindowsDeb, Ubu, RHELProprietaryDev, Admin, Anal.xFatxxDownload
SQuirreL SQLLinuxDeb, Ubu, Fed, Mint, CentOSGPLv2+, LGPLv2.1+Dev, UserxFatxxDownload
AdminerLinuxDeb, Ubu, ArchOpenSource?Dev, AdminWebxxDownload
Toad EdgeWindowsProprietaryDev, AdminxFatxx
Oracle SQL DeveloperWindowsProprietaryDevxFatx(x)
FromDual Ops CenterLinuxDeb, Ubu, RHELProprietaryAdminWeb(x)xDownload
HeidSQLWindows, Linux+WineGPLv2DevxFatxxDownload
Sequel PromacOSOpenSource?Dev, BeginnersFatx(x)Download
QueriousmacOSProprietaryDev, AdminFatx(x)Download
RazorSQLWindows, Linux, macOSProprietaryDevxFatx(x)Download
DbVisualizerWindows, Linux, macOSProprietaryDev, AdminFatx(x)Download
Azure Data StudioWindows, Linux, macOSProprietaryDevxFatx(x)Download
DbGateWindows, Linux, macOSProprietaryDevxxFatx(x)Download
Aqua Data StudioWindows, Linux, macOSProprietaryDevxxFatxxDownload
NameO/SDistroLicenseAudienceother DBMSER- Diag.Client TypeMySQL SupportMariaDB SupportDownload

If you think some of these informations are inappropriate please let us know... If you know any other MariaDB or MySQL related GUI not listed here please let us know as well!