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MariaDB Enterprise Server vs. MariaDB Community Server

MariaDB Enterprise Platform

The MariaDB Enterprise Platform is available on-premises and on the MariaDB SkySQL DBaaS (Cloud database platform). MariaDB Enterprise Platform consists of:

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server (MariaDB database server)
  • MariaDB Xpand (distributed database, scaling writes, former ClustrixDB)
  • MariaDB Enterprise Column Store (former InfiniDB used for DWH, BI, Reporting)
  • MariaDB MaxScale (Load Balancer)
  • MariaDB Connectors
    • MariaDB Connector/C++
    • MariaDB Connector/R2DBC (Reactive Relational Database Connectivity, Java?)
    • MariaDB Connector/ODBC
    • MariaDB Connector/Python
    • MariaDB Connector/Node.js
  • MariaDB integration connectors
    • Kafka
    • Spark
    • Pentaho Kettle
    • Power BI
    • MariaDB tools
      • IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager
      • SQLyog Ultimate
      • MariaDB Support

      MariaDB Enterprise Server Features

      MariaDB Enterprise Server comes with more features than MariaDB Community Server:

      • Enterprise Cluster
      • Enterprise Audit
      • Enterprise Federation
      • Xpand Storage Engine
      • Hashicorp Vault
      • InnoDB enhancements
      • Replication enhancements
      • MariaDB Enterprise Backup
      • Enterprise backports
      • Some Bug Fixes are postponed in CS (no hard proof yet)?

      MariaDB Enterprise InnoDB Features

      • Dynamically Resizing the InnoDB Redo Log ( Link )
      • Dynamically Changing the Number of InnoDB Purge Threads ( Link )
      • Dynamically Changing the Number of InnoDB I/O Threads ( Link )
      • Limitation of 128 secondary indexes (vs. 64 in Community Server) for Enterprise InnoDB ( Link )

      MariaDB Enterprise Replication Features

      • Replication-Aware Shutdowns: shutdown_wait_for_slaves ( Link )

      MariaDB Enterprise Galera Features

      • none?