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MySQL Client Error Codes and Messages 2050 - 2099

2000 - 2049
  • Error: 2050 (CR_FETCH_CANCELED)

    Message: Row retrieval was canceled by mysql_stmt_close() call

  • Error: 2051 (CR_NO_DATA)

    Message: Attempt to read column without prior row fetch

  • Error: 2052 (CR_NO_STMT_METADATA)

    Message: Prepared statement contains no metadata

  • Error: 2053 (CR_NO_RESULT_SET)

    Message: Attempt to read a row while there is no result set associated with the statement

  • Error: 2054 (CR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED)

    Message: This feature is not implemented yet


    Message: Lost connection to MySQL server at '%s', system error: %d

  • Error: 2056 (CR_STMT_CLOSED)

    Message: Statement closed indirectly because of a preceeding %s() call

  • Error: 2057 (CR_NEW_STMT_METADATA)

    Message: The number of columns in the result set differs from the number of bound buffers. You must reset the statement, rebind the result set columns, and execute the statement again

  • Error: 2058 (CR_ALREADY_CONNECTED)

    Message: This handle is already connected. Use a separate handle for each connection.


    Message: Authentication plugin '%s' cannot be loaded: %s

2000 - 2049