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FromDual launches Monitoring as a Service for MySQL

On January 9th FromDual launched its Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) solution for MySQL.
This service is based on the Performance Monitor for MySQL (mpm) v0.8 and Zabbix.

The installation on customer side of the so called monitoring agent takes about 5 minutes (for installation, configuration and scheduling).

The collected performance data are sent to our service where you can view them with your web browser. Some examples you can find here.

You can download the Performance Monitor for MySQL from our download page.

To use this service a key is needed which will be provided by FromDual. To request a key please use this form.

This service is free for FromDual support and consulting customers. For all others we offer a special enterprise customer monitoring subscription.

More information about MySQL Monitoring as a Service you can find here.

You can follow discussion about the MaaS on our forum.

InnoDB and NDB module are now under GPL!

Further we have the pleasure to announce that now all modules are available under GPL. Before the InnoDB and the NDB (MySQL Cluster) module were available for FromDual customers only.
For commercial use of the FromDual Performance Monitor an Enterprise subscription is required.

The changes in the new FromDual Performance Monitor release v0.8 are:

New functionality

  • Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) functionality was added to the FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL.

Changed functionality

  • The InnoDB and NDB module are now available under GPL.
  • Agent lock was implemented. Only one agent can run per server now at a time. This is to prevent a system overload because of some locks or timeouts etc.
  • Agent log is now touched on every call. From the timestamp it is visible now when the agent was running last.
  • Cache file is now per server/device.
  • Data are mostly cached in the cache file first instead of calling zabbix_sender zillions of times.
  • Zabbix server port is now configurable.
  • Foreign Key Error detection for InnoDB was implemented.
  • Deadlock detection for InnoDB was implemented.
  • XtraDB and InnoDB agents/templates were merged. There is now no more difference between GPL and commercial builds.


  • ndb_cluster_connection_pool is now reported correctly and according trigger works correctly again.
  • Some templates where improved.
  • Missing item to MyISAM template added.
  • Missing item to Process template added.
  • Fix in the mysql module (sql_mode).
  • Fix in the master template (adding 20 missing items for binary log events).

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We would love to hear about your feedback.

Best Regards,

Your FromDual Team