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MySQL Environment MyEnv 1.1.0 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 1.1.0 of its popular MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server multi-instance environment MyEnv.

The majority of improvements happened in the MySQL Backup Manager (mysql_bman) where we added a backup catalog.

You can download MyEnv from here.

In the inconceivable case that you find a bug in MyEnv please report it to our Bugtracker.

Any feedback, statements and testimonials are welcome as well! Please send them to

Upgrade from 1.0.5 to 1.1.0

# cd ${HOME}/product
# tar xf /download/myenv-1.1.0.tar.gz
# rm -f myenv
# ln -s myenv-1.1.0 myenv

If you are using plug-ins for showMyEnvStatus create all the links in the new directory structure:

cd ${HOME}/product/myenv
ln -s ../../utl/oem_agent.php plg/showMyEnvStatus/

Replace the following files:

  • cp ${HOME}/product/myenv/etc/variables.conf.template /etc/myenv/variables.conf
  • cp ${HOME}/product/myenv/bin/myenv.server /etc/init.d/myenv

Changes in MyEnv 1.1.0


  • Error with !includedir fixed (Bug #143).
  • tput is hidden in interactive mode now. No more nasty warning messages.
  • Start/stop script did not pass error code correctly.
  • Timezone complain on myenv_start_stop.php fixed with temporary fix.
  • Init script should not through errors on SuSE any more.
  • Init script is improved. Myenv should only start if network is available (runlevel).
  • mysqladmin complains now if my.cnf has wrong parameters and does not show the schema down any more.
  • MYSQL_HOME was changed from basedir to datadir, consider this for upgrade, this is a significant change, impact is not clear!
  • Under some circumstances up did not show all schemata, fixed.

MyEnv Installer

  • No changes.

MyEnv Utilities

  • NUMA maps script from Jeremy Cole added.
  • fixed for more than 1 back-end.

MySQL Backup Manager

  • For many backup types cleanup, archive and compress functionality added.
  • Schema backup per-schema writes log pos now to log file and catalog.
  • Binlog policy added.
  • Backup structure is not created any more for cleanup and catalog operations.
  • Binlog backup should work now with and without default location.
  • Passing strange characters in password is handled more robust now.
  • Schema names more robust with back-ticks.
  • memory-table-check bug fixed.
  • Command line is displayed in output (without exposing password).
  • Cleanup of archivedir is possible now.
  • Backup for configuration file implemented.
  • Physical backup based on xtrabackup/mysqlbackup implemented.
  • All exit's replaced by returns. Proper error handling should be possible.
  • Backup logging implemented.
  • Password from command line is not exposed any more to log file. Back-port from v1.0.5.
  • Per schema privilege backup implemented.

MySQL Backup Manager Catalog

  • Catalog creation and catalog upgrade integrated.