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Bootstrapping Galera Cluster the new way

A while ago it was pretty inconvenient to start a complete Galera Cluster from scratch. Rolling restart an such things are already working well but bootstrapping was a pain.

With Galera v2.2 new functionality came in. We tried it out and it did not work as documented. :-( Thanks to Teemu's help we found there was a documentation bug in the Galera documentation.

The settings which were working for us are:

wsrep_cluster_address = "gcomm://,"

And when all 3 nodes of the Galera Cluster are started and ready to join you can run:

SET GLOBAL wsrep_provider_options="pc.bootstrap=1";

I hope we can go life on Thursday with the new Telco VoIP Cluster for 2500 employees...

Have fun and enjoy an even better Galera Cluster for MySQL!

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