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Partial physical database restore for MariaDB and MySQL

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What is it about?

When describing backup and restore scenarios, a full backup and a full restore of the database instance (mariadbd/mysqld) are usually assumed. This means that the entire database instance, including all databases (schemas), is backed up and restored.

In practice, however, the situation is often different: An entire database instance is not to be restored, but only individual databases or even individual tables, because only these have broken.

Partieller physischer Datenbank-Restore für MariaDB und MySQL

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Um was geht es?

Bei der Beschreibung von Backup- und /Restore-Szenarien wird in der Regel immer von einem vollständigen Backup (full backup) und einem vollständigen Restore (full restore) der Datenbankinstanz (mariadbd/mysqld) ausgegangen. Das bedeutet, dass die gesamte Datenbankinstanz inklusive aller Datenbanken (Schemata) gesichert und wiederhergestellt wird.

Migration of your data from one database to another

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Before you consider migrating your data from MySQL to another database you have to know which objects have to be migrated.

With this query you will find the objects to consider:

Partial Restore of a Table into a MariaDB Galera Cluster

In my former Blog Post Partial Table or Schema restore from mariabackup full backup we worked out the basics of a partial restore of a table into a MariaDB database instance.

An now we use this know-how to try the same procedure on a Galera Cluster.

The backup is done in the exact same way as described in the mentioned article. We can even use the backup made there.

For the restore we use the following procedure:

Partial Table or Schema restore from mariabackup full backup

For me it was for a long time not clear if a mariabackup full backup can be used to do partial table or schema restores. Now we faced this challenge with a customer. So time to try it out...

This test was made with MariaDB 10.5.5. So it may not work with some older MariaDB releases...


Because I do not know during the backup if I need a full or a partial restore I always want to do a full mariabackup backup!

Do not underestimate performance impacts of swapping on NUMA database systems

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If your MariaDB or MySQL database system is swapping it can have a significant impact on your database query performance! Further it can also slow down your database shutdown and thus influence the whole reboot of your machine. This is especially painful if you have only short maintenance windows or if you do not want to spend the whole night with operation tasks.

Database backup

With Ops Center you can also do your database backups in a convenient way. In the database operations tab is a button Backup database:

Backup database

Backup type

First you have to choose the backup type. Those are exactly the same backup types as in the FromDual backup manager. For further information see there:

MyEnv für Multi-Datenbank Set-ups

Vor ein paar Wochen haben wir einem unserer Kunden unser MyEnv gezeigt. Er war sehr interessiert daran und hat uns geraten MyEnv einer breiten Öffentlichkeit bekannter zu machen. In Tat und Wahrheit ist das MyEnv bereits seit mehreren Jahren verfügbar und kann frei heruntergeladen werden...

MyEnv for MySQL Multi-Database set-ups

This week I showed one of my customers our MyEnv. He was very interested in it and suggested to make it known in public. In fact MyEnv is available for download already several years...

But I did not have the heart yet to announce it more publicly because it was not end user ready at all. So I used the weekend to make it nicer, consolidated some of the code, dropped old stuff etc. Now I think it is acceptable to use for public but not perfect.

MySQL Database Health Check

Release v0.28

  • On this page you can check the health of your MySQL/MariaDB database.
  • If you want to find out how the MySQL Health Check works try out the examples.
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