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Migration between MySQL/Percona Server and MariaDB

This week, we did some migrations from MariaDB 10.0 to Percona Server 5.6 at the IT department of a big German bank.

We were perfectly aware that since version 10.0 the MariaDB code base started to diverge slightly away from the MySQL and Percona Server code base which are still pretty close to each other.

Because of the Percona Server option enforce_storage_engine we wanted to do this migration.

Does fpmmm work with Zabbix 2.0?

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A customer asked:

I would like to know if the FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL works with Zabbix 2.0?

We do not know yet (June 2012). This is a project for this summer... We do not expect any problem if the Zabbix 2.0 interfaces have not changed significantly.

This customer kindly tested fpmmm on Zabbix 2.0 for us.

The customer reported:

In relation to FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL, I've started a test today and I can import the xml files without any problem with Zabbix 2.0
To be continued...

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