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Shutdown with MySQL 8

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On StackExchange for Database Administrators I recently have seen a question which attracted my interest.

The question puzzled me a bit because the answer seems too easy. Further the question was not so clear. An all theses factors smell dangerous...

Find evil developer habits with log_queries_not_using_indexes

Recently I switched on the MariaDB slow query logging flag log_queries_not_using_indexes just for curiosity on one of our customers systems:

Why does MySQL Cluster takes so long for --initial?

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This week we had a very interesting problem at a customer: They complained, that their MySQL Cluster takes about 1 hour for a --initial start-up. After some tuning on the hardware and the config.ini they brought it down to around 40 minutes. But this is still unacceptable long...

This sounds a little strange to me. But let us have a look at their config.ini first. It looked more or less like the following (which is already tuned!):

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