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Comparing MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server

MySQL Percona MariaDB
Company Oracle Corp.
(former MySQL AB)
Percona LLC MariaDB Corp.
(former SkySQL)
FromDual support Ok-icon.png Ok-icon.png Ok-icon.png
GA versions 5.5, 5.6 5.5, 5.6 5.5, 10.0
Galera Cluster supported supported supported
License GPL, commercial (OEM!) GPL GPL, LGPL, BSD
Ancestry Mother of all Branch of actual release Fork of MySQL 5.5
Storage Engines Archive, Blackhole, CSV, Federated (disabled), InnoDB (default), Memory, MyISAM Archive, Blackhole, CSV, Federated (disabled), InnoDB (default), Memory, MyISAM, TokuDB Archive, Aria (crash-safe MyISAM), Blackhole, Cassandra, CSV, FederatedX, InnoDB (default), Memory, MyISAM, OQGraph (Graph-SE), TokuDB
Storage Engine enforcement yes
Fulltext search MyISAM: yes
InnoDB: yes
MyISAM: yes
InnoDB: yes
MyISAM: yes
Aria: yes
InnoDB: yes, Sphinx-SE
Partitions available available available
Plugins Auth, Auth Socket, MemcacheD, SemiSync Repl Auth PAM, Auth Socket, Handlersocket, MemcacheD, SemiSync Repl Auth PAM, Auch Socket, Connect SE, Handlersocket, Sequence, Sphinx, Spider, QueryCache Info, SemiSync Repl
MemcacheD available
virtual Columns Since 5.7.6 since 5.2
General All 3 branches/forks have roughly the same performance. They mostly distinguish in features not in performance.
PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA enabled (5.6) enabled (5.6), userstats enabled (10.0)
Thread Pool 5.5, commercial plugin 5.5 and 5.6 5.1 - 5.3 (old), 5.5 (new)
DML EXPLAIN 5.6 5.6?
Optimizer Trace 5.6 5.6?
Table elimination available
Roles since 10.0.5
Password expiration since 5.6 since 5.6 since 10.0?
Password validation Plugin since 5.6.6 Plugin since 5.6 Worklog, comes in 10.1/10.2
Password complexity commercial?
PAM Authentication MySQL 5.5, commercial plugin since 5.5 since 5.2
Backup mysqldump, mysqlbackup mysqldump, XtraBackup mysqldump, XtraBackup
Audit Plugin 5.5 a, b
MyAfee Audit Plugin
5.5 and 5.6
MyAfee Audit Plugin
MyAfee Audit Plugin
Slow Query Log available available, improved available
Master/Slave Ok-icon.png Ok-icon.png Ok-icon.png
multi-Source Replication MySQL 5.7-labs unknown MariaDB 10.0
parallel Replication MySQL 5.6 (per Schema) Percona 5.6 (per Schema) MariaDB 10.0 (per Instance!)
GTID MySQL style MySQL style MariaDB style (incompatibility!)
MySQL Percona MariaDB