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Galera Cache sizing

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To synchronize the data between the Galera Cluster and a new or re-entering Galera node Galera Cluster uses 2 different mechanisms:

  • For full synchronization of data: Snapshot State Transfer (SST).
  • For delta synchronization of data: Incremental State Transfer (IST).

The Incremental State Transfer (IST) is relevant when a node is already known to the Galera Cluster and just left the cluster short time ago. This typically happens in a maintenance window during a rolling cluster restart.

MySQL Cluster analysis for foodmart

This is an automated analysis of the DBI:mysql:database=foodmart;host=localhost database for migration into MySQL Cluster. No warranty is made to the accuracy of the information.

This information should be valid for MySQL 4.1 and 5.0. Since 5.1 is not a final release yet, the numbers should be used as a guide only.


MySQL Cluster memory sizing

MySQL Cluster is pretty fast. The reason for this is, that it is completely memory based. Nowadays memory is still, in contrary to disk, limited to your systems. Thus, before installing a MySQL Cluster you have to calculate the amount of memory you need.

To say it in advance: You should consider to only use 64-bit Linux system with huge amount (4 - 64 GB) of RAM!

In release 5.1 MySQL Cluster became disk based. Now you have the possibility to swap out some data to disk. How much it is we will probably see a little further down...

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