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Keep your Galera Cluster up and running by all means

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We see quite often customers complaining that their Galera Cluster is not stable and "crashes" from time to time. As always one has to investigate before rating.

What comes out quite often is that the customer (or better their developers) are running huge transactions.

MariaDB Prepared Statements, Transactions and Multi-Row Inserts

Last week at the MariaDB/MySQL Developer Training we had one participant asking some tricky questions I did not know the answer by heart.

Also MariaDB documentation was not too verbose (here and here).

So time to do some experiments:

InnoDB Log File size is too small

The InnoDB Log File (innodb_log_file_size) size is possibly too small.
Choosing a too small InnoDB Log File size can have significant write performance impacts.

For further details please consult MariaDB or MySQL documentation.

InnoDB Flush Log at Transaction Commit

InnoDB Flush Log at Transaction Commit is set to a values != 1. This can lead to a loss of committed transactions in case of a power failure or an unclean shutdown of your database.

MySQL Query Cache does not work with Complex Queries in Transactions

We did recently a review of one of our customers systems and we found that the Query Cache was disabled even thought it had significant more read than write queries.
When we asked the customer why he has not enabled the Query Cache he mentioned a review that was done a few years ago and which stated that the Query Cache hit ratio was non optimal.
This was verified on a testing system which had the Query Cache enabled by accident.

But we all thought that the Query Cache would make sense in this situation so we investigated a bit more.

Transaction performance

Transaction performance relates among other things from I/O performance. This means hard disk performance.

Hard disk performance

When you select a hard disk, an important feature to consider is the performance (speed) of the drive. Hard disks come in a wide range of performance capabilities. As is true of many things, one of the best indicators of a drive’s relative performance is its price. An old saying from the automobile-racing industry is appropriate here: "Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?"

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