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FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL (MPM) v0.9 released

On April 2nd 2012 FromDual released the new version v0.9 of its Performance Monitor for MySQL (mpm). The new version can be downloaded from here.

The Performance Monitor for MySQL (mpm) is an agent which is hooked into Zabbix. Zabbix is an integrated Enterprise Monitoring solution which can produce performance graphs and alerting.

The changes in the new release are:

New functionality

  • A new server module gathers MySQL database specific server informations. This is especially interesting for the Monitoring as a Service customers.
  • You can monitor Galera Cluster for MySQL now. All important items of Galera Cluster for MySQL up to version 2.0 are gathered. The important Triggers and Graphs are available. FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL becomes your indispensable tool for monitoring Galera Cluster!
  • Trigger was added on low open_files_limit

Changed functionality

  • Item history was reduced from 90 to 30 days to safe space on disk.
  • InnoDB items were added and Graphs improved and cleaned-up.
  • MyISAM items were added and Graphs improved.
  • Query Cache items were added.
  • Some triggers were too verbose or complained when they should not. Should be fixed now.
  • MPM v0.9 was tested with Zabbix 1.8.11 and works without any problems.


  • Some items were not reported correctly. Fixed them.
  • Many little bugs in different modules were fixed.

For more detailed informations see the CHANGELOG.

Installation and upgrade documentation can be found here.

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If you find any bug please report them to our bugs database. If you have some questions or if you want to exchange know-how related to the mpm please go to our Forum.