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MariaDB maintenance tasks

Hello together,

sorry for the placement of this thread in this MySQL generalls topic. Was not sure where to post :/

I try to understand how to maintenance a database in the MariaDB World. But to be honest i have never seen before a bad technical documentation like from MariaDB.

I located tasks like using ANALYZE TABLES or OPTIMIZE TABLE.
Are there any other maintenance task that a DBA should operate? Some keywords explicit to MariaDB would be enough, please no general answers like reindexing or defragmenting.


Kind Regards from Germany.

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Hello DBStarter

First of all a few things:

* About MariaDB documentation: I would say the MariaDB documentation is not too bad compared to other open source project documentation or even enterprise software documentation. But its far from being brilliant.

* Then: How much did you or your company pay for MariaDB subscription? A part of the subscription fee flows into documentation to make it better. If you have a subscription with a support provider you also can ask such questions there.

* MariaDB claims to be an open source project. How much did you or your company contribute back to the project documentation (or event the server)?

To your question:

The most important maintenance and operations task for MySQL/MariaDB are:

* Proper Backup and Restore testing
* Monitoring
* Clean-out old data

MariaDB does otherwise not need much maintenance work.

If you have tables with may UPDATE/DELETE statements sometimes an OPTIMIZE TABLE can help. And if you experience flipping query execution plans an ANALYZE TABLE can help.