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FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB 1.2.0 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 1.2.0 of its popular Database Performance Monitor for MariaDB and Galera Cluster fpmmm.

The FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB (fpmmm) enables DBAs and System Administrators to monitor and understand what is going on inside their MariaDB database instances and on the machines where the databases reside.

More detailed information you can find in the fpmmm Installation Guide.


The new FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB (fpmmm) can be downloaded from here or you can use our FromDual repositories. How to install and use fpmmm is documented in the fpmmm Installation Guide.

In the inconceivable case that you find a bug in the FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB please report it to the FromDual Bug-tracker or just send us an email.

Any feedback, statements and testimonials are welcome as well! Please send them to us.

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

You do not want to set-up your Database monitoring yourself? No problem: Choose our MariaDB Monitoring as a Service (Maas) program to safe time and costs!

Installation of Performance Monitor 1.2.0

A complete guide on how to install FromDual Performance Monitor you can find in the fpmmm Installation Guide.

Upgrade of fpmmm tarball from 1.0.x to 1.2.0

Upgrade with DEB/RPM packages should happen automatically. For tarballs follow this:

shell> cd /opt
shell> tar xf /download/fpmmm-1.2.0.tar.gz
shell> rm -f fpmmm
shell> ln -s fpmmm-1.2.0 fpmmm

Changes in FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB 1.2.0

This release contains new features and various bug fixes.

You can verify your current FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB version with the following command:

shell> fpmmm --version


  • MariaDB 10.5 problems fixed. Fpmmm supports MariaDB 10.5 now!
  • Naming convention for Type changed from host to machine and mysqld to instance, including downwards compatibility.
  • New host screens added.
  • All Screens removed because they are customer specific, we have host screens now.
  • Zabbix templates adapted to the more flexible trigger URL.
  • Renamed all files to make it more agnostic.


  • Code made more robust for cloud databases.
  • Free file descriptors removed because it is always zero, trigger added for 80% file descriptors used.
  • Cache file base bug in getIostat fixed.
  • Server graph for file descriptors improved
  • I/O queue ymin set to 0.
  • Server template optimized.
  • Iostat graphs added to server template.
  • Integrated iostat data into fpmmm.
  • All registered devices and bug on svctm fixed.
  • More info added when server module is called with --debug option.
  • Disk status items cleaned-up and filesystem names added for creating new items.
  • Interface eth1 removed but list of all interfaces added.
  • NUMA trigger added.
  • Macros for network interfaces added.


  • Data module added to measure schema and instance size.
  • Code made ready for cloud databases.


  • Galera cluster size graph y axis set to 0.
  • 3 Galera graphs added, URL added to some triggers, title of one trigger changed.
  • gmcast segment added.
  • Locale state name of item fixed, local status removed, cluster and local state added, gmcast segment added to template.
  • wsrep version fixed to new format.
  • Item name change for cluster_conf_id.
  • Dirty code fixed, found on cloud databases.


  • Module for per user data added.
  • Dirty code fixed, found on cloud databases.
  • User info for transactions added.
  • Tmp disk tables and sort merge passes per user information added.


  • Output format zabbix, icinga, nagios and centreon should be supported now.
  • Error messages for connect improved.
  • Option --debug added, one message was not handled correctly in verbosity level.
  • Parameters in function goThroughAllSections cleaned-up.
  • Option -h added, info more clear when wrong options were used.
  • URLs added to fpmmm template.
  • fpmmm check and trigger improved.
  • Made error handling better after test of 1.1.0 on CentOS 7.
  • fpmmm trigger error message improved.


  • NUMA information and warning trigger added to InnoDB module.
  • Trigger for innodb_force_recovery made repeatable.
  • Alert level for innodb_force_recovery increased, InnoDB non default page size alert added.
  • InnoDB deadlock detection is alarmed, when disabled.
  • innodb_metrics only works with SUPER privilege, fixed.
  • InnoDB Log Buffer much to small trigger added on Innodb_log_waits item.
  • Items and graphs for InnoDB temporary tables added.


  • Items and graphs for MyISAM temporary tables added.


  • Items and graphs for Aria temporary tables added.


  • Expired user added for MariaDB including alert.


  • URL added and two triggers made repeatable.


  • Backup will report EVERY failure and URL is now useful!

For subscriptions of commercial use of fpmmm please get in contact with us.


With this new version of fpmmm you probably get a new warning in your fpmmm error log:

INFO: FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL and MariaDB (fpmmm) (1.2.0) run started.
WARN:     P_S Metadata Lock instrumentation is disabled. (rc=1411)
INFO: FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL and MariaDB (fpmmm) run finished (rc=0).

In this fpmmm release we start monitoring MariaDB/MySQL Metadata locking problems. For this new functionality the Metadata locking plugin in MariaDB or the Metadata instrumentation in MySQL PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA must be enabled. This can be done dynamically and persistent for MariaDB:

mariadb> INSTALL SONAME 'metadata_lock_info';

and dynamically for MySQL:
mysql> UPDATE performance_schema.setup_instruments SET enabled = 'YES', timed = 'YES' WHERE name = 'wait/lock/metadata/sql/mdl';

or persistent for MySQL:
# my.cnf
performance_schema_instrument = 'wait/lock/metadata/sql/mdl=ON'