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Canias optimizations

Canias is a great ERP product but there is still some potential to improve it. We only focus on MyISAM/InnoDB installations of Canias v6.0.2 in this article. For other DB back-ends those recommendations might be obsolete.

A general problem is, that in InnoDB Primary Keys are crucial in MySQL. Canias often lacks a Primary Key. In this case InnoDB will use the Unique Key for the Primary Key.

In InnoDB data are sorted by the Primary Key so it is a good idea to have the Primary Key on CLIENT and COMPANY as well to get proper sorting of the rows.


Automatitisiertes Starten und Stoppen der Canias ERP Applikation

Beim Betrieb der Canias ERP Applikation stösst man unweigerlich früher oder später auf das lästige Verhalten, dass eine Konsole mit der Canias RMI Registry Applikation offen gehalten werden muss.

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