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MariaDB Galera Cluster with Corosync/Pacemaker VIP

Sometimes customers want to have a very simple Galera Cluster set-up. They do not want to invest into machines and build up the know-how for load balancers in front of the Galera Cluster.

Keep your Galera Cluster up and running by all means

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We see quite often customers complaining that their Galera Cluster is not stable and "crashes" from time to time. As always one has to investigate before rating.

What comes out quite often is that the customer (or better their developers) are running huge transactions.

Galera Cluster Release Notes

Source: Github: codership / documentation

Codership Blog for Galera Cluster with release announcements.

Galera Plugin version 4 Series

Galera plug-in 26.4.18 Release Notes, Release Date: 26 March 2024


Upgrading from MariaDB 10.4 to MariaDB 10.5 Galera Cluster

Because upgrading from MariaDB 10.4 to MariaDB 10.5 (non-clustered) seems not to be a problem [ 1 ] we take the challenge and try to create a receipt based on the MariaDB 10.3 to MariaDB 10.4 Galera Cluster upgrade documentation [ 3 ]:

Before you start

Before you begin with the upgrade you should consider a few things:

Uptime of a MariaDB Galera Cluster

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A while ago somebody on Google Groups asked for the Uptime of a Galera Cluster. The answer is easy... Wait, no! Not so easy... The uptime of a Galera Node is easy (or not?). But Uptime of the whole Galera Cluster?

My answer then was: "Grep the error log." My answer now is still: "Grep the error log." But slightly different:

Galera Cache sizing

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To synchronize the data between the Galera Cluster and a new or re-entering Galera node Galera Cluster uses 2 different mechanisms:

  • For full synchronization of data: Snapshot State Transfer (SST).
  • For delta synchronization of data: Incremental State Transfer (IST).

The Incremental State Transfer (IST) is relevant when a node is already known to the Galera Cluster and just left the cluster short time ago. This typically happens in a maintenance window during a rolling cluster restart.

MySQL, Galera Cluster und MariaDB Schulungsmodule

FromDual bietet verschiedene MySQL, Galera Cluster und MariaDB Schulungsmodule an. Unsere Schulungstermine finde sie unter MySQL und MariaDB Schulungstermine.

SQL für Einsteiger (3 Tage)

Diese Schulung ist für all diejenigen, welche die Grundlagen der Sprache SQL erlernen wollen. Zukünftige DBAs, Datenbank-Entwickler und Daten-Analysten.


MySQL, Galera Cluster and MariaDB training modules

FromDual offers different MySQL, Galera Cluster and MariaDB training modules. For training dates see our MySQL and MariaDB training class schedule.

SQL for Beginners (3 days)

This training is made for all who want to learn the basics of the SQL language. Future DBAs, database developers and data analysts.


Nagios and Icinga plugins for MySQL/MariaDB released

FromDual is pleased to announce the release of a new version 1.0.0 of the Nagios and Icinga plugins for MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server and Galera Cluster.

Any information about the changes and the new functions of the Nagios and Icinga plugins you can find here.

Making HAProxy High Available for MySQL Galera Cluster

After properly installing and testing a Galera Cluster we see that the set-up is not finished yet. It needs something in front of the Galera Cluster that balances the load over all nodes.

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