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MariaDB, Galera and MySQL Services

Neutral and vendor independent
MariaDB, Galera Cluster, MySQL and Percona Server
Consulting and Services!

MariaDB/MySQL Consulting

You get neutral and vendor independent on-site Consulting for MariaDB, MySQL, Galera Cluster and Percona Server without the need of a support contract or a subscription. Our consultants recommend you the best solutions fitting to your needs.

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Training for MySQL and MariaDB

When you need a Training for MariaDB or MySQL, we teach you specifically according to your needs. If it is about the SQL basics, about how to install or upgrade MariaDB or MySQL, how to do Backup/Recovery properly or how to tune your database performance does not matter.

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MariaDB/MySQL remote-DBA Services

If you do not want to operate your databases yourself or if you need assistance in running your MySQL database properly we offer you our Remote-DBA services. The work is performed over ssh or other screen sharing solutions, communication is done over phone, email, Skype or any other instant messaging solution.

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Support for MariaDB, Galera and MySQL

If you do not have a support contract for your MariaDB, Galera Cluster or MySQL databases yet, we will be happy to make you an offer for Enterprise Support for your MariaDB, Galera Cluster, MySQL or Percona Server databases.
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