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Does fpmmm work with Zabbix 2.0?

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A customer asked:

I would like to know if the FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL works with Zabbix 2.0?

We do not know yet (June 2012). This is a project for this summer... We do not expect any problem if the Zabbix 2.0 interfaces have not changed significantly.

This customer kindly tested fpmmm on Zabbix 2.0 for us.

The customer reported:

In relation to FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL, I've started a test today and I can import the xml files without any problem with Zabbix 2.0
To be continued...

Can FPMMM work with Percona mysql ?

hi guys, I have install latest mpm for monitoring a Percona mysql server 5.5

but i found the zabbix web front-end can not display property data got from percona mysql(xtradb)
some fields show a impossiblly large number, and some fields can not got any data

such as "InnoDB Data Writes" show : max value "4.6G"
InnoDB Data Fsyncs show : max value "275.51 M"

Any help ? Thanks a ton in advance !

FPMMM Installation on Windows

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FPMMM was developed an tested on Linux. So we expect the least problems there. For Windows please look at the Forum FPMMM Installation on Windows.

How to make the MySQL Performance Monitor work on Windows?

A customer recently was asking why our FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB and MySQL (fpmmm) is not working on Windows...? The answer is short: It was developed on Linux and never tested on Windows...

But I was wondering how much effort it would take to make it work on Windows as well.

I was quite surprised how fast it was to make the basic functionality working on Windows. It took me less than one hour to install, configure and patch FPMMM.

MySQL Performance Monitor installation guide for Windows

To install the FromDual's MySQL Performance Monitor (fpmmm) on Windows we first have to install Perl. We recommend to use ActiveState Perl but Strawberry Perl may work as well. The installation is straight forward.


FPMMM check not working

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Hi, we have a Zabbix monitoring solution up and running here but now we want to add additional database monitoring. Although I followed your installation guide I was not able to get the database monitoring online. Here I’m checking from my Zabbix installation towards the same host: sudo -u zabbix zabbix_get --host= --source-address= --key="FromDual.MySQL.check" ZBX_NOTSUPPORTED Template is applied to the host configuration.

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) for MariaDB and MySQL

How to test MySQL Monitoring as Service (MaaS) for free?

To get MaaS for MySQL follow these steps:



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