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Block MySQL traffic for maintenance windows

From time to time some maintenance work on the MySQL database has to be done. During the maintenance window we do not want to have application traffic on the database.

Sometimes it is hard to shut down all applications spread over the whole company. Or we want to allow only some specific hosts to access mysql from remote (for example the monitoring system or the backup server).

For this purpose we can use the Linux packet filtering.

To see what packet filtering rules are available we can run the following command:

iptables -L INPUT -v

To close the MySQL port on all interfaces we use:

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport mysql -j DROP

and to open the MySQL port again after the maintenance window:

iptables -D INPUT -p tcp --dport mysql -j DROP

With the -i option we can restrict the rule to a specific interface for example eth0 and with the option -s we can specify a specific source only. Or with a ! -s we can implement an inverse rule (all but).


Mostly, i use changing max_connection to 1 or 'skip networking'. Thanks for this new option.

I was recently told that it would be better to use REJECT than DROP:

As a general rule, use REJECT when you want the other end to know the port is unreachable' use DROP for connections to hosts you don't want people to see. [ 1 ]