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Wie der MySQL Optimizer schummelt, wenn es um MySQL Cluster geht...

Bei einem Kunden sind wir auf ein nettes Beispiel gestossen, wie der MySQL Optimizer schummelt, wenn er mit dem MySQL Cluster zusammen arbeiten sollte. Dieser Kunde hat Abfragen, welche auf dem Entwicklungssystem nicht sonderlich langsam gelaufen sind. Aber wenn er diese Abfragen auf dem Abnahmetest-System (mit wesentlich mehr Daten) ausführt, benötigen diese viel zu viel Zeit, was für ihn nicht akzeptabel ist, da diese Abfragen mehrmals pro Sekunde abgesetzt werden können.

How the MySQL Optimizer with MySQL Cluster is cheating you...

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At a customer we had a nice example of how the MySQL Optimizer is cheating when used in combination with the MySQL Cluster. The customer had queries running not too slow in the development environment but when he tried them on the acceptance test environment (with more data) the query was running much too long which was unacceptable because this query can occur many times per second.

What has happened?

First of all we had a look at the execution plan of the query generated by the MySQL Optimizer:

Materialized Views (MV) with MySQL

Materialised View (MV) is the pre-calculated (materialised) result of a query. Unlike a simple VIEW the result of a Materialised View is stored somewhere, generally in a table. Materialised Views are used when immediate response is needed and the query where the Materialised View bases on would take to long to produce a result. Materialised Views have to be refreshed once in a while. It depends on the requirements how often a Materialised View is refreshed and how actual its content is.

Stealthy migrating MySQL tables and MySQL data access interfaces using enlarged updateable VIEW functionality

Applications occasionally require redesign. However, redesigning an application cannot be done in one step because the application is distributed or several versions of applications must be supported. MySQL 5.0 provides the necessary means to stealthy migrate your data. In a short overview let's look at what we plan to do: Stealthy Migration (PDF 98.7 kByte).
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