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FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB 2.0.0 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 2.0.0 of its popular Database Performance Monitor for MariaDB and Galera Cluster fpmmm.

The FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB (fpmmm) enables DBAs and System Administrators to monitor and understand what is going on inside their MariaDB database instances and on the machines where the databases reside.

More detailed information you can find in the fpmmm Installation Guide.


The new FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB (fpmmm) can be downloaded from here or you can use our FromDual repositories. How to install and use fpmmm is documented in the fpmmm Installation Guide.

In the inconceivable case that you find a bug in the FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB please report it to the FromDual Bug-tracker or just send us an email.

Any feedback, statements and testimonials are welcome as well! Please send them to us.

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

You do not want to set-up your Database monitoring yourself? No problem: Choose our MariaDB Monitoring as a Service (Maas) program to safe time and costs!

Installation of Performance Monitor 2.0.0

A complete guide on how to install FromDual Performance Monitor you can find in the fpmmm Installation Guide.

Upgrade of fpmmm tarball from 1.x to 2.0.0

There are some changes in the configuration file (fpmmm.conf):

  • The access rights should be change as follows: chmod 600 /etc/fpmmm.conf
  • The key Methode was spelled wrong in the configuration file. It was renamed to Method.
  • The key PidFile is ambiguous which could lead to problems and bugs. Thus it was changed to either MyPidFile for fpmmm and DbPidFile for the database.

Upgrade with DEB/RPM packages should happen automatically. For tarballs follow this:

shell> cd /opt
shell> tar xf /download/fpmmm-2.0.0.tar.gz
shell> rm -f fpmmm
shell> ln -s fpmmm-2.0.0 fpmmm

Changes in FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB 2.0.0

This release contains new features and various bug fixes.

You can verify your current FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB version with the following command:

shell> /opt/fpmmm/bin/fpmmm --version


  • Some trigger url links were improved in various templates.
  • Zabbix 5.0 templates were added.
  • New MyEnv library added.
  • oncePerHourRun and oncePerDay run implemented.
  • Code clean-up in various functions: sendData, cacheFile, initValue, mr_version, mylog, extractVersioncomment. This should make fpmmm dramatically faster in some scenarios.
  • Error handling improved, error messages improved, some Linux command replaced by PHP commands, typos fixed.
  • Better handling of non available variables and status information.
  • All old php5 stuff removed.
  • Various fixed of minor bugs.
  • Ambiguous PidFile replaced by MyPidFile for fpmmm and DbPidFile for database PID file. Caution during Upgrade!
  • Lock location changed from /var/run to /run/lock.
  • Several distribution related and new MariaDB privilege related bugs fixed.
  • Variables default, configuration and configuration file sorted out.
  • Lock file handling improved, Nagios functionality added.
  • Config file is checked if it is readable for others.
  • Own locking mechanism replaced by O/S flock.
  • Option checks activated.
  • Newer distros added (Debian 11, Ubuntu 22.04, Rocky Linux 8).
  • PHP 8, MySQL 8 and MariaDB 10.6 tests passed.


  • Item entropy added.
  • Trigger urls fixed.
  • Items added to templates: Server Entropy.
  • NUMA count fixed.
  • Linux md drives are supported now as well.
  • smartctl error handling improved.
  • NUMA node memory balancing graph added and trigger set.
  • CPU time values were far too high. This is fixed with the new CPU measuring variant.
  • Broken md devices is added to server module + trigger.
  • Server disk: minor device is only gathered in extensive, loop device is skipped.
  • Filesystem locks item and trigger added.
  • Path /usr/sbin for tool smartctl added for Debian.
  • Skip loop and snap devices.
  • Server does not wait 1 second any more for CPU info.
  • New Feature GatherData = {normal|minimal|extensive} added.


  • Disabled binary log is caught in data.
  • #innodb_temp schema size added.


  • tx_isolation made MySQL 8 ready.
  • Bug fixed in case when Galera is disabled but module is activated.
  • Tables without Primary Key and non InnoDB table items and triggers added.
  • Various triggers added to check correct Galera configuration.
  • Change of cluster configuration id fixed.
  • XA trigger fixed.
  • Galera cache item + trigger fixed.
  • Some more items added for Galera compatibility checks.
  • Items wsrep_xa_statements, wsrep_log_bin, wsrep_log_slave_updates and gcache.size added.


  • Code refactored and cleaned-up.
  • Problem during max_connections reached fixed.


  • Trigger links fixed.
  • New fpmmm version items and triggers added.
  • fpmmm version stuff fixed.
  • Lay off of software-release function and implement check for fpmmm version.


  • InnoDB template fixed on deadlock item.
  • All locking related graphs moved together into same InnoDB screen.
  • innodb_buffer_pool_max_dirty_pages_pct added.
  • Fix division by zero bug.
  • Bug in InnoDB status fixed.
  • InnoDB buffer pool dirty pages trigger added and a small number of buffer pool instances trigger removed.
  • Trigger for innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit set from info to warning because this is security related.
  • Innodb_log_occupancy, Innodb_checkpoint_age, innodb_log_group_capacity and trigger added.
  • innodb_file_format item added.
  • Items innodb_max_dirty_pages_pct added.
  • InnoDB metrics added.
  • Redo log occupancy increased.


  • none


  • none


  • none


  • Sync_binlog warning change into the opposite. Security first!
  • BINLOG CLIENT privilege replaced by BINLOG MONITOR for MariaDB 10.5.


  • Template link fixed.
  • Table with missing Primary Key item added.
  • Link to new graphs fixed for 5.0.


  • Restore items moved from backup to restore template.
  • Items for restore added for automatized restore testing.
  • Trigger links in backup template fixed.
  • Trigger is fired if backup did not happen within last 36 hours.


  • Trigger for transaction_cache_size and statement_cache_size was improved.
  • Trigger urls fixed.
  • Table Open Cache and Table Definition Cache triggers link changed to item values.
  • Storage_engine added for compatibility reasons with default_storage_engine.
  • Processlist total threads added.
  • Error log parser added.
  • com_change_db and queries added.
  • Refactoring of code.
  • Processlist graph and items added, code made better.
  • P_S metadata lock warning improved.
  • Metadata lock info plugin installation message added.
  • Storage_engine removed.


  • FromDual Nagios plug-ins implemented in fpmmm.


  • SNMP implemented for most important MariaDB and Galera metrics.

For subscriptions of commercial use of fpmmm please get in contact with us.