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MyEnv (MySQL and MariaDB BasEnv)

What is MyEnv?

MyEnv is a tool to run several MySQL or MariaDB database instances on ONE host. You can even run multiple database instances with different binary versions. We call this multi-instance set-ups.

With MyEnv a multi-instance set-up is more comfortable to handle than with mysqld_multi (old) or Systemd services (new) and it provides more useful functionality.

Using MyEnv does not need the use of the root user to operate MySQL and MariaDB database instances. Thus it is appropriate for classical enterprise DBA organizations.

Further multi-instance set-ups is a much more efficient way of consolidating MySQL and MariaDB instances an has less overhead than virtualization solutions. To do proper resource fencing MyEnv provides cgroup integration (container integration (docker) is planned for the future).

MyEnv users are saying...

A large MySQL user (Alexa Ranking: Top 500 world-wide, top 20 in Germany) stated: I found MyEnv accidentally when I was searching for something like this. I liked it immediately more than MySQL Sandbox or mysqld_multi. A very comfortable tool. Thank you very much!

MyEnv user Jonv: I am working on a project where I will most likely be using MyEnv (oh how I wish I had known of this the last time I set up mysqld_multi).
Thanks for writing MyEnv, it is going to make this project far more polished without having to use mysqld_multi again.

When to use MyEnv?

MyEnv is useful when you have to install several MySQL or MariaDB database instances on one host. This has to be done typically:

  • when you have to consolidate many database instances from dedicated servers into fewer machines or
  • when you have to separate the data of different customers into different database instances if you provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions (for example hoster or internal IT departments for big companies) or
  • when you have to install different versions or forks of MySQL or MariaDB to run tests on it.

Check out this link for more information about How to install multiple MySQL instances on a single host using MyEnv.

MyEnv has the advantage over virtualization solutions (like VMWare or VirtualBox) that you do not have the overhead of an additional virtual machine and the installed operating system.

MyEnv bases on the ideas of Trivadis. Their product is called TVD-BasEnv and it is used for Oracle databases.


MyEnv is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2.


MyEnv can be downloaded from the FromDual download page.

Requirements and Installation

The MyEnv requirements and installation instructions can be found in the MyEnv Installation Guide.


MyEnv is documented here.

For questions, feedback and comments, please visit the MyEnv forum.

Bugs and feature request can be reported to the FromDual Bug Tracker.