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MySQL 8.0.4-rc is out

Yesterday MySQL 8.0.4-rc came out. The Release Notes are quite long.
But caution: Do a BACKUP before upgrading...

I experienced some nice surprises. First I have to admit that I did not read the Release Notes or anything else. Reading manuals is for Girlies! Possibly something is written in there which is of importance. But I expect that it just works as usual...

I downloaded MySQL 8.0.4-rc and just want to upgrade my MySQL 8.0.3-rc testing system, where we did the 1M tables test.

First I got:

[MY-011096] No data dictionary version number found.
[MY-010020] Data Dictionary initialization failed.
[MY-010119] Aborting

Hmmm... Maybe something was not clean with the old system. So downgrade again:

[ERROR] [000000] InnoDB: Unsupported redo log format. The redo log was created with MySQL 8.0.4. Please follow the instructions at
[ERROR] [000000] InnoDB: Plugin initialization aborted with error Generic error
[ERROR] [003957] Failed to initialize DD Storage Engine
[ERROR] [003634] Data Dictionary initialization failed.
[ERROR] [003742] Aborting

OK. Understandable. I should have done a backup before. But backup is for Girlies as well! Anyway this test system is not important. So I created a new instance from scratch which finally worked... Possibly just removing the redo log files as indicated would have helped as well.