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2011-02-28 PrimeBase Technologies and FromDual form a Service-Cooperation for MySQL products - Press Release PrimeBase Technologies GmbH
2011-02-21 We are at the DOAG Regionaltreffen München on Wednesday March 23rd with our talk MySQL Replication - Scale-Out, Master-Master, Backup (talk is held in German). DOAG Regionaltreffen München
2011-01-14 Come to the FOSDEM and listen our talk HandlerSocket and similar technologies - NoSQL for MySQL in the MySQL Developers Room.
2010-11-17 FromDual becomes SOUG member, the Swiss Oracle User Group. SOUG
2010-09-16 FromDual plans Advanced MySQL DBA Workshop
2010-09-07 FromDual becomes Oracle Silver Level Partner OPN Silver Level
2010-08-18 FromDual launches its database Performance Monitoring solution for MySQL / MariaDB. This solution provides monitoring capabilities for most MySQL Storage Engines (Aria, InnoDB, MyISAM, NDB, PBXT and XtraDB). Further you can monitor MySQL Master - Slave replication set-ups, UNIX processes (mysqld, ndbd) and MySQL/MariaDB specific information.
More details you can find on the page Performance Monitor for MySQL.
2010-08-02 At the OpenSQL Camp EU 2010 / FrOSCon 5, 2010 from August 21 - 22, we will have the presentation MySQL Performance Monitoring with Zabbix - An alternative to the MySQL Enterprise Monitor? (in German). FrOSCON
2010-07-29 At the DOAG Konferenz 2010 from November 16 - 18, we will have the presentation MySQL Architekturen für Oracle DBA's (in German). DOAG
2010-07-04 At the /ch/open Workshop-Days 2010 on September 9, we will have the workshop We build a MySQL Cluster (in German). /ch/open
2010-06-03 ODBA interview with FromDual about the MySQL/MariaDB future. Our opinion you can find here.
2010-04-26 FromDual becomes Open Database Alliance (ODBA) Silver Partner. More information you can find here... Open Source Database Alliance
2010-03-25 You can follow our presentation MySQL, where are you going? (presentation in German, slides in English) at the OpenExpo exhibition in Bern.
2010-03-02 You can find us where Web Pioneers meet at the Internet Briefing presentation Performance Tuning & Scale-Out mit MySQL (in German).