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Can't remove Lock File

I have gotten the FromDual modules and templates working on 2 of our 3 database servers. The last one, I keep getting the below errors in the FromDual log file:

3387:2013-02-05 12:55:51.296 - INFO: FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL (0.9) run started.
3387:2013-02-05 12:55:51.297 - INFO: FromDualMySQLagent::setAgentLock
3387:2013-02-05 12:55:51.298 - WARN: Agent Lock file /tmp/FromDualMySQLagent.lock already exists.
3387:2013-02-05 12:55:51.299 - WARN: Another agent with PID 3366 (our PID is 3387) is running. We will abort now.

Are there any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thank you!

The mpm agent writes a lock file to prevent that several instances are running at the same time and piling up and possibly slow down the system.

This is the message for. There are several reasons why this message can occur:

  • Agent are started too frequently or are locked by something
  • Agent died and did not clean the lock file
  • Agent quit before cleaning the lock file

Theoretically this message should disappear after a while (10 tries?). You can also try to kill process (3366 in this case) and remove the lock file manually.

If this happens often then something is wrong and/or the interval is too short.