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MySQL and MariaDB authentication against pam_unix

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The PAM authentication plug-in is an extension included in MySQL Enterprise Edition (since 5.5) and in MariaDB (since 5.2).

Download Nagios/Icinga Plug-ins

Nagios/Icinga plug-ins for MySQL and MariaDB

Nagios and Icinga compatible plug-ins to monitor MySQL, Galera Cluster, MariaDB and Percona Server. If you use Nagios or Icinga these are the MySQL monitoring plug-ins you must have.


Galera Cluster Nagios Plugin

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Based on customer feedback we have decided to add a plugin Galera Cluster for MySQL to our MySQL Nagios/Icinga Plugins.

The module checks, if the node is in status Primary and if the expected amount of Galera Cluster nodes is available. If not, a warning or an alarm is returned.

How can I find what InnoDB version I am using?

In the old days everything was simpler. We had one maker of our favourite database management system and possibly the choice between different Storage Engines. Mostly the decision has to be taken between MyISAM and InnoDB. When you care about your data integrity you have chosen InnoDB.

Nowadays it is more complex. We have several different makers of our favourite database management system: Oracle/MySQL, Monty Program AB and Percona with their products: MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server.

MySQL Plugins and UDF's

At the DOAG 2010 we found that there are already a lot of Plugins etc. for MySQL available. Therefor it will be a good time to start with a collection of Plugins, UDF's etc. available.

Because we have done already a collection of MySQL Storage Engines earlier please look there form more information.

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