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MariaDB/MySQL Environment MyEnv 2.1.0 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 2.1.0 of its popular MariaDB, Galera Cluster and MySQL multi-instance environment MyEnv.

The new MyEnv can be downloaded here. How to install MyEnv is described in the MyEnv Installation Guide.

In the inconceivable case that you find a bug in the MyEnv please report it to the FromDual bug tracker.

Any feedback, statements and testimonials are welcome as well! Please send them to

Upgrade from 1.1.x to 2.0

Please look at the MyEnv 2.0.0 Release Notes.

Upgrade from 2.0.x to 2.1.0

shell> cd ${HOME}/product
shell> tar xf /download/myenv-2.1.0.tar.gz
shell> rm -f myenv
shell> ln -s myenv-2.1.0 myenv


If you are using plug-ins for showMyEnvStatus create all the links in the new directory structure:

shell> cd ${HOME}/product/myenv
shell> ln -s ../../utl/oem_agent.php plg/showMyEnvStatus/

Upgrade of the instance directory structure

From MyEnv 1.0 to 2.0 the directory structure of instances has fundamentally changed. Nevertheless MyEnv 2.0 works fine with MyEnv 1.0 directory structures.

Changes in MyEnv 2.1.0


  • Removed hard coded parts for running MyEnv under O/S user mariadb.
  • Function substitute_path was refactored.
  • Branch guessing improved.
  • Warnings and errors are in color now.
  • MyEnv log file is now touched to avoid problems with O/S user root.
  • O/S user mysql removed in start/stop script.
  • Checks for DB start improved.
  • /var/run replaced by the more modern location /run.
  • Should now be completely MariaDB compatible (mariadbd vs. mysqld).
  • Wrapper mysqld_safe was extended to mariadbd-safe.
  • Replaced getVersionFromMysqld by getVersionAndBranchFromDaemon and extended functionality of this function.
  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH was set to the wrong directory.
  • Reverting Commit: fcc93c5 from v2.0.3 related to CDPATH. Break commands like cd log or cd etc.
  • Database mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata is hidden now.
  • Database #innodb_redo is suppressed now as well for MySQL 8.0, and hideschema is not added to every new instance any more to not overwrite the default.
  • Bug while stopping instance with missing my.cnf fixed.
  • Function getDistribution cleaned-up.
  • MySQL should now also be detected correctly from Ubuntu repository.
  • Function my_exec rewritten.
  • Debian GNU/Linux tag added for distros.
  • Function extractBranch made better to work on Debian and Ubuntu with distribution packages.
  • Oracle Linux is considered as well now.
  • Made scripts ready for new MariaDB behaviour.
  • my.cnf template adapted to newest knowledge.
  • Directory changed from /tmp to /var/tmp, code cleaned-up and renewal, PID file code and message improved in stopInstance.
  • Distributions cleaned-up and cloudlinux, rocky linux and almalinux added as centos compatible distros.

MyEnv Installer

  • Debian 10 and 11 do not support PHP 8.0 yet, fixed.
  • Unit file is copied now correctly.
  • MyEnv instance installation is automatizable now.
  • Instance creation automation added.
  • my.cnf template together with installMyenv should now work without errors or warnings for MariaDB 10.5 - 11.2 and MySQL 8.0 - 8.3.
  • Command yum replaced by dnf.
  • Command apt-get comments replaced by apt.

MyEnv Utilities

  • Client utility adapted in *monitor scripts.
  • InnoDB cluster monitor added.
  • wsrep_last_committed was added in
  • AWR added, sharding stuff added, lock and trx analysis scripts added.
  • Memory analysis added, NUMA maps output made ready for new variables.
  • connect_maxout utility added.

For subscriptions of commercial use of MyEnv please get in contact with us.